Forgeworks is a creative architecture studio, specialising in residential design. 

We create buildings that are innovative, modern and have a distinct sense of character. Our projects combine spatial problem-solving with a unique crafted identity. 

Influenced by traditional construction techniques and both vernacular and contemporary architecture alike, our houses explore and celebrate the use of natural materials - often resulting in experimental and expressive forms.    

A design-led approach encourages collaboration with our clients, other creatives and trades to deliver homes that are diverse, well considered and most importantly, enjoyable to live in. The architecture, spatial arrangement and interior design are bespoke to every project - responding to the nuances and individuality of modern domestic life. Form and function are considered in equal measure.

Combined with extensive research, the studio explores each design through the use of hand-sketches, three-dimensional modelling and detailed technical drawing. Together with mock-up samples of construction materials, joinery and finishes, these methods provide an engaging process for our clients and clarity in the translation to built form. 

Based in London, we are working on projects within the capital, and throughout the UK.